12 of the Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores (List) (2023)

12 of the Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores (List) (1)

Buying used furniture can be awesome or not so awesome.

IMO, some folks think their used couch is worth way more than it is.

There’s a big difference between buying cool vintage furniture or antique furniture and buying some used “cheap-in-the-first-place” items. Another reason to seek out used furniture is if you need some quick, nice pieces for home staging without spending a fortune (if selling you home).

Regardless, if you put some time into and go to the right places, whether you search online for “used furniture stores near me” or seek out brick and mortar options, you can find some amazing second-hand furniture deals. In fact, I recently did on Facebook Marketplace. I’m so happy with the outcome that FB Marketplace is my NUMBER ONE, all-time favorite second-hand furniture store online. I show you my purchase below.

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Online second-hand furniture stores where you can buy and sell used furniture

What’s interesting about the topic used furniture is that it’s a topic both buyers and sellers are interested. Buyers want to know how to buy used furniture and sellers want to know how to sell used furniture. It’s a big market so let’s jump in.

12 of the Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores (List) (2)

1. Kaiyo

Kaiyo is my new favorite second-hand furniture website. It solves all the problems of the usual “marketplace”. They vet, clean, deliver and assemble. Music to my ears. More to the point, if you want quality, high-end furniture without paying high-end prices, Kaiyo is your place. Seriously, you gotta check this used furniture website out.

I love, love, love the Kaiyo website. Why? Because it’s a “pre-owned” furniture marketplace that sells only vetted furniture. Kind of like the “pre-0wned certified cars” dealerships sell. Now just because there are some controls in place doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a bad deal. That can happen, but the odds are better than buying some pile of used furniture from someone on Craigslist. Moreover, because Kaiyo actually picks up the furniture and stores it, they also professionally clean it.

You’ll quickly notice that Kaiyo is a great place to get high-end, name-brand furniture at hugely discounted rates. For example, I found a Restoration Hardware leather sofa that regularly costs $5,895 for only $2,087.

And get this… they deliver and assemble. You don’t get this with marketplaces. Buyers have to get a truck and drive somewhere to pick it up… great for sellers but not for buyers. If you are selling on Kaiyo, they pick it up from you too so don’t worry, it’s not just convenient for buyers.

For example, on August 12, 2021, I browsed items for sale and found a massive Design Within Reach sectional sofa for $5,327 which regularly retails for $13,450. That’s an incredible deal for a sofa that will surely last many more years.

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2. 1st Dibs

1st Dibs is among the leading online platforms for high-end furniture, vintage as well as antique furniture not forgetting, jewelry, and boutique. You can find refurbished furniture here as well. Their prices are relatively much higher but their items are certainly worth it if you are looking for a replica of well-known vintage and antique items. For those of you who are price conscious, it is advisable to first of all set the scrolling price limits prior to embarking on your search so you can be enticed with only the items that meet your budget.

Best for: Those of you with high-end taste and deep pockets. Luxury seekers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind items this is the place for you. It is filled with fine and carefully selected vintage and antiques as well as fine art from dealers all across the country. It is a shopping destination for people looking for pieces that stand out. It has all you need to furnish in accordance to your dreams.

3. Amazon

I bet you didn’t know Amazon sells used furniture right here. They do and they offer plenty of it. Amazon is an all-round kind of marketplace catering to those looking for authentic and modern second-hand furniture as well as thrift furniture. This mammoth online shopping platform deals with licensed as well as approved furniture of modern and mid-century modern nature.

Best for: Those who are out to Mad Men their house on a budget.

4. Chairish

This is a great user-friendly app for those of you who are trying to dispose of that gigantic chaise you bought out of the blues, but is too big to go through the door to your apartment. All you got to do is take a photo of the piece of furniture, upload it including some information on it and wait. With Chairish, you receive 80% of the sale price andalso handles all the shipping costs.

This online marketplace specializes in buying and resale of curated home items. For sellers you can use their app to easily take pictures and upload a snapshot of what you want to sell with its brief description. It also gives buyers a 48-hour window to return the item if it does not satisfy you.

Best for: Those of you furniture shoppers who are design-forward. At shop.chairish.com you are sure to find great antiques, unique brands and a good number of designer discards. Perhaps this is why their prices are comparatively higher than some other online second-hand furniture stores but it is worth it given their well-curated selection and great deals if you take more time scrolling for one. It is the place to go for those of you who are looking for high-end items at prices of medium-end.

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5. AptDeco

Aptdeco is not only New Yorkers favorite but is gaining popularity across America. Those who have dealt with them worship this secondhand and vintage furniture online store. This is because they have made it all the more easy to get your hand on a sofa, kitchen table, chaise—you name it. Their delivery is insured and paid for and they also offer good quantity discounts.

This way you get know exactly how much you will be saving. It’s easy to come across great deals with some even 50% off normal market price. AptDeco’s curated listing of second-hand furniture is more of a cheat sheet for the trending in urban décor. It is never short of warm industrial pieces of furniture, handcrafted artisan items, and well-known brands such as West Elm.

This new online second-hand furniture store is based in New York City making it quite convenient for New Yorkers and the West coast delivery available in all the five boroughs.

Best for: Furniture shoppers looking for high-end curated collection of second-hand furniture. It is also user-friendly as it is comparatively easier to wade through.

6. Etsy

Etsy is famously known as a destination for catchy birthday cards, suggestive needlepoints and crafty goods and it also allows you to buy and sell used home decor and furniture items. At Etsy you can look for just about anything such as media cabinets, chandeliers etc —and there’s usually a good chance you’ll come across one as there are equally many people selling with them. It’s more like doing your shopping at a yard sale without the hustle in that you are exempted from waking in the wee hours to secure a great deal.

In addition to your everyday comic hero boutiques and Game of Thrones items and embroidery, Etsy is also a superb place for buying used and vintage interior décor and furniture. Given their huge list of items to sift through, it’s best to use filters such as price, color, and ship-to to narrow down your choices.

Best for: This is the kind of place for those who like their furniture items and vintage with that DIY edge. Also best-known source for custom made merchandise, Etsy also avails you a huge selection of items from different parts of the world. Given its crafty culture the site offers you plenty of updated finds. It the kind of site for an estate sale kind of shopping in the comfort of your house. For this site it is advisable to limit your search to your area and taking care of your transportation needs is cheaper as their shipping is pricey.

7. Krrb

Pronounced “curb” this marketplace has got a lot of similarities to Craigslist and is just the perfect fit if you are looking to toss some items to the curb and clear your space or spruce up your home giving it the much-needed upgrade. However with this site they delegate the handling of transactions and even though they clearly ship and deliver buttons, most of their sellers expect their buyers to pick up the item in person.

In case you may be asking yourself why use it? The answer is it is very well organized. It has a feature that lets you know the number of interested buyers for your preferred item just so you either make a better offer or don’t get your hopes up.

With this “hyperlocal” marketplace you will find vintage items with great furnishings. You can also set your location and conduct a search for nearby sellers or dealers of curated collections. With Krrb you can post via their app or website, and probably one of their best functions is that of aggregating postings from other platforms such as Etsy, Amazon and eBay right to Krrb.

Although they don’t charge commissions their listings will cost you “credits” that you have to purchase or earn through doing things such as shopping, marketing, or even filling out a profile.

Best for: This is the kind of market place for selling or buying something that is unique in or near a major city. It is meant for those of DIY transactions, and shipment.


What you talk about style whichever your kind, Fusion Décor Boutique has got you covered. With them you may rest assured that they may just have something special that can go with your home décor. They have donated merchandise that is able to fit many homes be it a modern home, traditional home, casual apartment they have the art deco and antique that is a perfect suit.

They have living room furniture their list comprising of lovely sofas, love seats and rocking chairs, accent chairs not forgetting to mention end tables as well as coffee tables. For your dining room update, they have tables ranging from elegant, high-end to casual.

Options for adding matching chairs are available and for the adventurous or artistic you can choose any of their complementary chairs. It does not stop there as they also have in store beautiful hutches and designer display cabinets sure to make your living area much more interesting.

Going with these is their exquisite embroidery items and for you are various boutiques to take you back and forth through different ages. Fusion Décor Boutique always puts their best foot forward as they accept only furniture that has been gently used and is clean of good quality and in good condition.

Best for: Those who love antique shopping and into fashion and design. Individuals looking to make special changes and facelift to their homes both with regards to embroidery, furniture and antiques. Basically, they got you covered with upscale inventory improvements with their changes of items in their list being regular with each item being one of a kind.

9. OneUp

OneUp Furniture is an online used furniture store with a massive selection of used couches, sofa sets and sectionals for sale with delivery.

The store is located in Lansdale, PA (appointment only) but delivers to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania as well as Washington D.C. The white-glove delivery service is available in all areas ranging from $125 to $300. They even offer free door-side delivery to some areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

You can easily browse their inventory which highlights any flaws with high quality pictures and videos of every item right on their website. You will always know exactly what you are getting before it arrives so there are no surprises when your new-to-you furniture arrives.

Payment options include Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and Affirm for financing your used furniture purchase.

OneUp Furniture’s customer experience is truly unmatched as nearly 300 satisfied customers have left 5-star reviews on Google highlighting their amazing service, quality furniture, friendly faces and great prices.

Simply contact via text or email if you are looking to sell your used couches.

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Best For: Those who are looking for an unbeatable deal on high quality used furniture. With a speed, stress-free delivery service and many payment options, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else!

10. Craigslist

We’d be remiss to not include Craigslist which is an amazing place for anything used. In case you’ve never used it, it’s where people list their used items and you can buy them. You contact the seller and arrange a time to meet them. You can negotiate the price down or pay the asking price. The amount of used stuff that’s sold via Craigslist is mindboggling. This is one of two platforms to use when looking for “furniture near me”.

11. Kijiji

Kijiji operates like Craigslist. Individuals list their furniture for sale. People looking to buy contact them and arrange a deal.

12. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has exploded in popularity over the last five years. Like Craigslist, this is the platform to check out when searching for furniture near you. Check out the trend chart for “Facebook Marketplace”:

I’ve had a great experience with FB Marketplace. I had a buddy find an amazing piece and then fix it up. I put this last in my list of second-hand online furniture stores because I have a lot to say about it including how to go about scoring some great used furniture from this website (that’s exploding in popularity).

Check out the finished version of the piece I got my hands on:

This piece was once a library card storage chest. My friend split up the layers and extended it into a terrific TV stand. It could also be used as a coffee table. He paid $300 on Facebook Marketplace. He added some tung oil and sold it to me for $625 which included delivery. It’s an awesome piece.

Facebook marketplace is quite a bit easier to use than Craigslist. I believe there’s also more accountability given people’s profiles are attached to their listings.

You can search for regions near you plus filter down by many categories.

Below I step you through exactly how to sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Marketplace (you must be logged into Facebook).

Step 2: Select your filters (location, price range, condition and/or brand). These are optional although if buying second-hand furniture, you’ll want to narrow the region down to where you’re willing to drive to. Facebook Marketplace does not deliver – although I suspect you can negotiate with the seller delivery.

Step 3: Select “Home Goods” category and “Furniture” on the left as follows:

Step 4: Drill down your furniture search. FB makes it very easy to drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you choose a furniture category, you’re offered more options as follows:

From there you browse until you find something you like. If/when you do, contact the seller, make an offer or accept the posted price.

I can see FB marketplace expanding quickly in the world of buying and selling used anything including furniture. It’s a lot easier to use than Craigslist… easier to post and easier to browse/buy.

Facebook Market Place FAQ:

Does Facebook charge fees to list items for sale on its marketplace?

No, there are no fees which is a huge benefit.

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How do you pay for items on FB marketplace?

That’s left up to you and the seller. It’s similar to Craigslist – most likely you show up with cash-in-hand or some agreed-upon digital transfer of funds.

Who delivers the furniture on Facebook marketplace?

Usually, the buyer picks it up but as with most things, delivery may be negotiated. It’s up to the seller of course; you may have to pay extra for delivery as well unless offered in the posting.

Best for: Anyone looking locally for used furniture.

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Chart of the most popular used furniture stores

Here’s a chart setting out these stores by popularity based on monthly search volume. The data is an approximation. We did not include Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist or Kijiji because they would skew results. We know all of these sites are enormously popular.
12 of the Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores (List) (7)

Used Furniture Stores Online NO LONGER AVAILABLE

1. This is Not IKEA

Unfortunately, this store is no longer online.

TINI which stands for This Is Not Ikea is a Vintage furniture store that started more out of a hobby of owner Alexis Hadjopulos’ who was a shopping addict. His unique finds comprised of items from garage sales, neighborhood estate sales, the flea markets as well as auctions.

These basically constitute the items Tini.com deals with ranging from shabby lamps, midcentury-lanterns, modern benches, old-school embroidery and attires, you name them he’s got it and more. Being a dedicated shopper, Hadjopulos has new stuff always coming in and rises above the competition in his niche by having an online gallery. Here TINI allows you to browse before place an order.

The category “random things” is always a thrill. They have very competitive pricing and a tight 14-day threshold shipping and exchange policy. TINI can be said to be a combination of weird, idiosyncratic aura and appeal of old neighborhood furniture and antique thrift shop with the convenience of your internet device.

Best for: This is for the price-conscious and very particular furniture dealer or buyer and antique collector. It is a good place to start your DIY home makeover to resemble any day, age and culture you desire.

This other half is comprised of 7 online furniture stores that still command a decent following and are not as extensive and particular in their product offering.

2. Furnishly

Unfortunately, this store is no longer online.

This user-friendly Chicago-based P2P marketplace is a great way to find semi-curated pieces of furniture in your neighborhood. Furnishly handles the transactions and as a buyer, you can arrange for your own delivery through the seller.

Best for: Those of you who want an online platform that is streamlined for your experience at yard sale.

3. FleaPop

Unfortunately, this store is no longer online.

This online serves the better of two worlds with regards to furniture as the deal with both used and new. Here, sellers have the option of creating “shops” for free, charging a 6% commission. Their product category list has got options for buyers to shop in accordance to item, location or style with payment options such as PayPal.

Best for: Those who like flea markets minus the crowds.

4. Viyet

Unfortunately, this store is no longer online.

The creators of Viyet with the intention of exposing wannabe interior designers to professionalism. It is a place where you can not only gate your hand on used designer furniture, but also sell some of your own or that of your client.

Best for: Those looking for a designer furniture item at a fair price.


How to sell used furniture?

These days you have many options. Your best bet is to focus locally. Shipping furniture unless you’re a huge furniture company shipping at scale, is frightfully expensive. I know because I looked into it.

You really have two main options for selling furniture.

1. Sell it yourself locally online

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The first is to list it yourself on a website that serves your local area such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslit. Be sure to take plenty of HIGH QUALITY photos. Unless you’re pretty much giving away your furniture, take good and many photos. When selling furniture, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

2. Have a local store sell it on your behalf (or buy it from you outright)

Your second option is to have a local used furniture or thrift furniture store sell it for you. If you go the thrift store route, you donate it. If you go the used furniture store, you may well have to sell it on consignment. You may also have to get it to the store yourself.

What’s best? It really depends on your piece of furniture. If you have something worth a lot such as a valuable antique, you may be better off selling it to or listing on consignment with a local antique dealer.

If it’s just run-of-the-mill furniture, selling it yourself on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist makes more sense because you don’t have to haul it away. The buyer does. In fact, just the other night I helped a friend pick up a beautiful used bedroom set for his daughter. It was a great deal, but he had a truck and had to take the time to get it.

What is the difference between used/resale and thrift furniture stores?

While thrift and used are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.

Thrift furniture stores are operated by and for the benefit of nonprofits or charities. They accept donated furniture and sell it. In many cases, thrift furniture stores offer a great service of sending trucks out into the community to pick up your furniture for you.

Used or resale furniture stores buy used furniture and resell it for a profit. In some cases, they act like consignment stores where they’ll sell furniture for clients and then split the proceeds. This way the store isn’t out of pocket up front.

What organization will pick up used furniture?

Thrift stores often offer a used furniture pick up service as long as you donate the furniture to the thrift store for it to sell.

It could well be that local resale or consignment furniture stores may come by and pick up your furniture. This is unlikely but it never hurts to ask especially if you have a very good opportunity for them..

Alternatively, you can sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and specify that the buyer must come and pick up the furniture.

What types of furniture can you buy used or sell on used furniture websites?

That’s the beauty of these sites. You can buy almost any type or style of furniture. It’s a luck of the draw as to what’s available when you’re looking.

You can buy pretty much every furniture style and furniture for every room of the house plus outside including used patio furniture. Specifically, you can buy used sofas, chairs, desks, shelves, tables, entertainment systems, dressers, bed frames, coat racks, wardrobes, armoires, hutches and so much more.

Another popular type of used furniture is used baby furniture. In fact, the used baby market generally is a huge business just because folks only need it so long and then have absolutely no need for it. We’ve been selling tons of baby stuff recently.

Is it worth buying furniture used?

It sure can be. For example, I needed a set of 6 to 8 chairs for poker night. I looked for new online and could easily spend $1,000+ which is more than I want to spend.

I then checked out used chairs online on Craigslist and found various sets for well under $500.

Recently a friend bought a $3,000 new bedroom furniture set for $475.

Another reason buying furniture used is actually not a bad idea is it’s fairly easy to assess whether it’s in good shape or not. It’s not like a car or expensive appliance where you don’t know if there’s anything wrong with it until you’ve paid for it and have it awhile. With furniture, you can eyeball it, feel it, sit in it etc. before buying. If it looks and feels solid and in decent shape, it probably is.

The only big problem with buying furniture used is getting it to your house. I don’t own a pickup truck or have access to a cube van.

I either ask a friend with a pickup truck or rent one. Yes, I’ve rented pick up trucks for sole purpose of hauling something in the past. It’s still worth it.

One final consideration is you typically can’t finance your furniture purchase when buying used. While you can save a lot of money, you need to come up with the entire sum. This often includes paying with a credit card especially if buying from someone on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

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