9 Best Temporary Tattoo Markers Of 2022 Reviews Buying Guide (2023)

We’ve put up a list of the 9 finest temporary tattoo markers for you to try out. Are you ready to put one to the test? Scroll down to find out more.

What Are Temporary Tattoo Markers?

A temporary tattoo marker is a special pen that allows you to create a temporary design on your skin. This temporary tattoo pen is best for tattoo freaks who like experimenting with different designs on their body.In the next section, we have listed the 9 best temporary tattoo markers of 2022 available on the market.

9 Best Temporary Tattoo Markers Of 2022

1. Best Overall:BodyMark By BIC Temporary Tattoo Markers

BIC BodyMark has one of the best temporary tattoo pens for inking your body. These skin-safe, cosmetic-quality tattoo markers come in bright colors. Plus, the flexible felt tips enable you to draw thin or broad strokes as per your design. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.Pros

Long-lasting Odorless Colors can be mixed


Colors bleed Tip gets damaged after a few uses

2. Best Budget-Friendly:BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers – Old School

These tattoo markers from BIC BodyMark are great cosmetic weapons that allow you to express your story on your skin. Unlike permanent markers, these marker pens let you create masterpieces on your body without impacting your skin. Their flexible felt and bright and lasting pigments give you the liberty to create masterpieces. They come with two magnificent color options for experimenting with amazing body art.Pros

Cosmetic quality Easy removal


Bleeds color

3. Best Shimmery Tattoo Pens:Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens

Tattoo art would be lot more fun with these incredible tattoo pens from Toysmith Ink-a-do featuring washable gel inks. The pack comes with 6 gel pens and 3 stencils for experimenting with endless designs. The non-toxic ink boosts your creative mind and allows you to have great fun tattooing on your skin. These temporary tattoo gel pens are safe for kids as well. From birthday parties to festive night outs, these tattoo pens add a tinge of shimmery hue to your skin for a perfect gala look.Pros

Easy to remove Kid-safe Long-lasting


Muted colors

4. Best Metalic Tattoo Markers:Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Markers

Want to adore yourself with long-wearing body art? Then these temporary tattoo pen kits from Vanli’s would be your best bet. The kit comes with six original fine felt pens and seven metallic brush pens with vivid color options. Additionally, a set of fifty tattoo stencils in this pack offer unique design options for creating amazing body art. The bright pigmented inks are absolutely skin-safe and are formulated from non-toxic ingredients. Moreover, the products meet all cosmetic standards and make your tattooing much more fun and safe.Pros

Variety of colors Non-toxic ingredients Stencils included


Color fades easily

5. Best Tattoo Kit:Alex Spa Girls Totally Temporary Tattoo Kit

Getting a tattoo is fun, especially for the little ones. The Alex Spa Girls Totally Temporary Tattoo kit lets your kids decorate their hair, nails, and skin to make a lasting impression. The kit comes with 57 tattoos, 108 foils, 85 gem tattoos, 6 stencil markers, and 5 sketch and sparkle pens that let your kid’s artwork match their style needs. These watercolor tattoo markers let your kid bring out their creative ideas seamlessly. Moreover, you can embellish them with sparkles or stick-on gem tattoos for an enhanced effect.Pros

Safe for kids Easy-to-use Giftable


6. Best Quick-Dry Formula:Professional Body Art by Velvet Temporary Black Skin Tattoo Pens

These tattoo pens from Velvet are one of the best choices for temporary yet lasting body arts. The waterproof and water-based liquid ink stays long without fading, while the flexible tapered velvet-like tip aids in creating effortless strokes. These professional quality tattoo pens feature excellent waterproof and smudge-proof ink that help you get a unique design that lasts all day.Pros

Felt-tip Fade-proof Smudge-proof No dragging or pulling Ink dries instantly Waterproof Easy-to-apply


Colors flake after drying

7. Best Long-Lasting Tattoo Markers:Inkbox Freehand Temporary Tattoo Kit

Are you a tattoo freak but fear the pain of permanent tattoos? Then this kit from Inkbox is the best choice for you. The set comes with an ergonomically designed bottle, stainless steel tip pack, shading ink, pen, transfer paper, and pencil that lets you bring out your creative ideas on the human canvas. The interchangeable tips add depth and dimension to the ink that stays for 1 to 2 weeks.Pros

Beginner-friendly Plant-based ingredients Long-lasting Easy to apply



8. Best Assorted Colors:BodyMark by BIC Show Your Pride Temporary Tattoo Markers – Pride Pack

This edition of BIC tattoo markers celebrates Pride. It contains the six colors of the pride flag and a bonus black marker. These skin-safe temporary tattoo markers are cosmetically-approved. The cosmetic-quality ink ensures a long-lasting color impact with immense vibrancy. Moreover, these tattoo pens are great as they are easy to remove and suit your changing style needs. The markers feature flexible brush tips that are great for fine or broad strokes and add depth to your designs.Pros

Cosmetic quality Lasting colors Easy to remove


9. Best For Halloween-Themed Pack:BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers – Halloween

Tattooing is great fun and more so when you are dolling up for parties like Halloween night. These cosmetic-quality temporary tattoo markers let you unleash your crazy side with bright and long-lasting colors. You can also rely on these markers for your skin safety as they comply with all the cosmetic regulations. Their flexible brush tips allow you to seamlessly add depth and dimension to your body art through broad or fine strokes. The kit also comes with four sticker-like stencils that help you reveal your beautiful body art effortlessly.Pros

Bright colors Long-lasting

ConsNoneTemporary tattoos are a risk-free investment. But not all temporary tattoos are alike. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly. The following buying guide can help you pick the best one for you.

How To Choose The Best Temporary Tattoo Markers?

Check whether the pigment is durable. Make sure the marker tattoo pens are waterproof. They should be skin-friendly. The pigment must have a quick-dry formula. Look for pens with precise tips.

Let us give you a quick review as to how you can get fantastic and trendy tattoo designs with these temporary tattoo markers.

How To Make Temporary Tattoos With Markers?

Firstly, clean the area with a cotton pad or alcohol to remove traces of dirt, oil, water, or lotion. Place any design pamphlets or stencils, if any, on the area. Press the tip lightly for a fine stroke and press it hard for bold and thick lines. After you are done with the outlines, fill in the color and allow it to stay for a while for an enhanced effect. Let it dry out. Ensure you do not apply water or soap immediately (for creating a lasting color impact).

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Baishali Bhattacharya, is certified in makeup artistry. She thoroughly researches different products used in makeup and has an in-depth understanding of various makeup trends. The list of temporary tattoo markers is curated after extensive exploration and reading online feedback on trusted platforms. These tattoo markers allow you to experiment with different styles and can be removed easily.Are tattoo markers safe?Tattoo markers with non-toxic seals are safe to be used on skin even for children. But to be on the safer side, these body markers should be avoided using on extremely sensitive skin or on delicate areas like around the eyes.What is the longest-lasting temporary tattoo?Temporary body art or tattoos can last for several weeks. General stick-on tattoos are great for creating a lasting impression as they stay on for nearly a week.Are temporary tattoos worth it?Yes. They are painless, and can be washed off when required. They are ideal for short-term use.How do you keep temporary tattoos from fading?Keep your skin dry and clean before getting a tattoo. Do not apply lotion on the painted area. Oils or creams from lotions can lighten the pigment and fade the temporary tattoos much faster.How long do temporary tattoos last?Temporary tattoos last for one to two weeks. It may also last for three weeks, depending on the exposure to water and sun.How do you remove temporary tattoo markers?Follow these DIY methods to remove temporary tattoos. • Press a transparent tape against the tattoo and rub it firmly and peel the tape. It will work if the tattoo is 24 hours old. • Scrub the tattoo with any skin care product like baby oil or a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.How do you remove BIC temporary tattoo markers?Lather the surface of the tattoo with soap and rinse with lukewarm water. You may use makeup remover or baby oil to remove BIC temporary tattoos.

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