Artificial Grass Football Pitch in Crumlin (2023)

Are you looking to turn your outdoor area into atop-notch sports facility?

When you need a good quality surface for your activities, it's easy to get disappointed by the condition of your outdoor spaces. Our team of professional installers, on the other hand, will include an artificial grass football pitch to turn your spaceinto a qualitypitch you'd be proud to play on.

The latest technology ofsynthetic footballpitch surfacing in Crumlin BT29 4 sees artificial grass fibres combine with sand and rubber infill to create a surface that replicates the characteristics of natural pitch both visually and the way it plays.

We are specialistfootball pitch installers in Crumlin, and our team have completed work for numerous schools and clubs. Click here - find out more or speak to our experts today.


3rd generation artificial surfaces can be installed on pitches of various sizes and dimensions and be used for all levels of participation including, recreational, 5-a-side, 6-a-side, 7 a side, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11.

This then causes a number of establishmentsto install 3G artificial soccersurfaces to surface their all weather pitches. Third generation pitches can be used for educational (PE), business (small sided football leagues) and football training and competition making them popular with:

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  • Primary Schools – Small sided artificial grass football pitch (MUGA)
  • High Schools – Synthetic turf football pitches used for PE lessons and Evening lettings
  • Colleges – All weather artificial grass for college competition
  • Universities – Synthetic grass football pitch with sand and rubber infill
  • Leisure Centre – Artificial turf football pitches for evening rentals 5 v 5, 6 v 6, and 7 v 7
  • Sports Clubs – Third generation foot ball pitches used for training and 11-a-side football

To discuss the different services we offer in Crumlin BT29 4 in more detail, or to receive a price quotation on the costs to build a new synthetic pitch, please use our quick contact form.

One of our local construction specialists will be in touch with you shortly to offer you some more information and professional advice.

Synthetic Grass Football Pitch in Crumlin

A synthetic grass surface such as 3G surfacing is ideal for nearby football pitches that get a lot of use all year round. Installing anartificial turf pitch surface on football pitches allows games to be played all weathers, reducing the number of fixtures postponed.

When a synthetic football pitch is built, it is done so in porous layers; most commonly, the pitches build up includes a MOT Type 1 stone sub base before a layer of macadam and the option of a rubberised shock pad.

There are some different grades of syntheticsurfacesand artificial grass available with the type of carpet and the size and dimensions of the area determining costs and prices.

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Often it is the budget of schools or leisure centres that determine the size of the synthetic soccerpitch and the specification of syntheticgrass used to surface the pitch.

Elite football clubswho surface their training pitches in synthetic turf usually opt for the FIFA 2* this is the top accreditation in football for artificial pitches, closely followed by FIFA 1*.

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These particular grades of synthetic carpet are unnecessary for primary and secondary schools in Crumlin as they usually only host recreational activities or competition and the mass participation end of the performance pyramid.

Depending on the type and size of facility you opt for, thefootball pitch construction costs be different, so we recommend that you decide on a rough budget beforehand.

What is a 3G Pitch?

The turf's fibres are help upright by sand infill, which gives the surfacing the required performance properties.

The pile height of 3G artificial grass can be altered to suit particular requirements; this generally depends on the sport you will be playing on the facility. 3G pitches meet a number of professional accreditations, including FIFA 1*, FIFA 2* and FA.

This means that the surfacing can be used for professional sports clubs and football grounds.

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We can carry out the installation of 3G pitches in Crumlin BT29 4 to create a professional pitch with excellent playing and performance characteristics. For more information on the syntheticgrass we can install for soccer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Install Artificial Grass for Football

If you are trying to find out how to install artificial grass for football pitches near me, our professionals can carry out the whole project from start to finish. The general guide which we follow when installing the turf is as follows:

  1. Excavate the existing surface to the correct levels
  2. Fill the area with type 1 MOT stone
  3. Install macadam sub base and shockpad if required
  4. Roll synthetic turf out
  5. Glue synthetic turf rolls together at seams using a specialist glue and tapes

It is important to get skilled professionals to install artificial turf football pitches closest to you. If you do not get experienced installers, the quantity of glue and other specialist materials used may be incorrect, leading to costly repairs.

If you would like to discuss the installation process in more detail with one of our helpful team members, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Much does a 3G Football Pitch Cost?

The cost of a 3G football pitch near me can vary depending on a number of different factors. One of the biggest factors which can alter the price is the dimensions that you require.

Although there are standard dimensions for football pitches, we can alter our specifications to meet your individual budgets. Additionally, if you are a school with limited space and require a soccerfacility to be installed, we can reduce the size of the spec to meet your needs, which will also make the cost of the installation cheaper.

Our company is very competitive on price. Even thoughthere may be cheaper contractors in your surrounding area, we will promise to provide the best quality service whilst using premium materials.

We understand that some people may require a different company to carry out each stage of the process (e.g. a groundworker to carry out preparation work). Others may prefer to have just one company complete the whole installation.

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Artificial Grass Football Pitch in Crumlin (2)

We can carry out works from start to finish so that you don't need to worry about getting others to complete small tasks.

This makes payment and the constructions process itself a lot easier for you as the client. We also offer maintenance services allows the upkeep of a facility all year round.

Can You Build A Football Pitch In Your Garden?

One of the most challenging issues to address with your presentation is how to create a level playing field. To tackle your unruly yard, you'll need to employ a specialist landscaper right away, but with a few of our top tips, you can easily build the football pitch you like.

What Do You Put Under Artificial Turf?

Installing a sub-base for artificial grass on concrete surfaces: Since you won't be able to dig, you won't need to create a sub-base for concrete surfaces. However, it is strongly recommended that you place foam or shock pads underneath your turf to prevent injury.

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For more information regarding artificial grass and synthetic turf football pitches in Crumlin BT29 4 please contact us via the quick enquiry box.


We will provide you with information aboutartificial turf specification, synthetic grass pile heights and costs and prices associated with constructing an artificial grass soccerpitch.

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