Best statement mirrors to decorate your wall (2023)


good mirror is for more than just checking your reflection.

They can make small spaces appear larger, help funnel daylight around the room, and if you choose the right ones, act as statement pieces of wall art in their own right.

Shopping for one is part of the fun of decorating your home. There are more options than you can imagine but we’ve curated a selection of the best, which you can find in the second half of this article.

But first, a few decorating tips:

How to style your home with mirrors

The internet , especially Pinterest, is packed with interiors advice on how to boost your home’s style credentials with mirrors.

If you’ve decorated a feature wall, hanging one in the centre can act as an anchor, or try hanging your piece on an opposite wall to reflect the pattern and whip up extra wallpaper out of nowhere. They can also add interest to gallery walls when interspersed with framed images and artwork.

Similarly, hanging them by a wall light or flower vase (dried, real or artificial will all work) will give you double the glow or petals as appropriate.

Meanwhile, fans of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (her work at the Tate is pictured above) could try placing them adjacent or opposite to each other to try and emulate some of her infinity magic at home.

Best statement mirrors at a glance

From gilded edges to wavy borders and two tone mirrors, there are plenty of styles to choose from. We’ve collected the best below for inspiration and to shop.

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Seletti x TOILETPAPER Sea Girl glass mirror

Best for: doing a double take

Famous for playful and often surreal homewares, Italian brand Seletti presents this dreamscape, caught somewhere between a mirror and a painting. The sea theme makes it ripe for the bathroom.

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Daals Venus Full Length Wave Mirror

Best for: Gram glory

It’s not just cat videos and beauty mishaps that enjoy online notoriety; certain homewares have also been known to achieve Insta-fame too.

Right now, wavy mirrors like this design, inspired by Ettore Sottsass’ 70’s iconic original, are enjoying their moment in the sun. Daals’ 180 x 100cm version is made to lean against the wall but with the right fixings can go on it too. It’s made from timber and been white washed, so it’s a heavy piece - something to bear in mind if you do want it hanging up.

Urban Outfitters Oval Lilac Braided Mirror

Best for: trend seekers

This chunky cartoonish style will work well in contemporary interiors, adding a pop-art vibe you won’t be able to get enough of. Designed to hang on a wall, it’s part of a colourful collection of circular mirrors that will pop as a set or alone.

Urban Outfitters Mabelle Floor Mirror

Best for: no-nails design

For renters or anyone who doesn’t want to blemish walls with nails, this oval shaped full length mirror is designed to rest on the floor. The oval mirror panel sits within a bold black wooden frame, giving it unmissable presence.

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Oliver Bonas Aurora Green Glass Wall Mirror

Best for: eclectic glam

Home accessories is one of Oliver Bonas’s strongest draws in our book, and this shaped mirror proves our point. The glass is bordered with glass panels in a pale green tint. It’s part of a collection that includes similar arched mirrors with borders in blue, copper, grey and blush pink. A nice addition to entryways.

Graham & Green Mandir Grey Mother of Pearl Mirror

Best for: worldly interiors

The homewares specialist started life in 1974 after the founder was inspired by her travels to the Subcontinent and Indian workmanshop are still a theme today. In fact, this gorgeous mirror has been made by Indian artisans with mother of pearl worked into floral and leaf designs. These pieces them set upon dove grey resin and fashioned into a frame before being added to a mirror. A divine addition to any wall.

Anthropologie Coquille Mirror

Best for: minimal chic

Another take on the wavy mirror trend that's everywhere right now is this floor-standing design, available at Anthropologie. Standing 78cm high, the borders have been painted in a luxe gold-coloured hue which glints when caught in the light. A heavyweight D-ring sits on the back meaning its ready for wall installation too.

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Anthropologie Issey Mirror

Best for: adding interest

The swirling 3D frame is made for giving plain old walls a new dimension. Made from hand-painted resin, meal and mirrored glass, the piece hasa D-ring fitted on the back so you can hang it up with ease.

Simmer Stone Aesthetic Wave Pattern Irregular Frame Mirror

Best for: trend on a budget

Want to get in on the wavy mirror bandwagon without forking out hundreds? Amazon has a smaller 40 x 26cm version for just over twenty quid. Designed to sit on a dressing table or sidebaord, the plastic piece is available in a slew of candy colours as well as black.

Graham & Green Gold Bamboo Mirror

Best for: boho interiors

Plucking inspiration from the Orient, this rectangular hallway mirror is framed with bamboo-themed pieces and finished with an antique gold paint to build on the luxe feel. This piece is made to sit in a portrait format only.

Ultrafragola Wavy Floor Mirror

Best for: a splash of colour

We weren’t kidding when we said this style of mirror is everywhere right now. This funky design boasts a blue ombre border that fades from bold on the outer edge to pastel before the mirror. A statement piece to treasure.

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Dunelm Moroccan Leaner Mirror

Best for: amplifying light

If your space doesn’t get much light, use a mirror to make the most of what you do get. Placed against a window at an angle, Dunelm’s design can project natural daylight around the room and make it appear less gloomy. The curved top on the 80 x 150cm mirror adds extra style points.

Rockett St George Get Naked Typography Mirror

Best for: raising a smile

This fun vintage-style piece won't fail to make you smile every time you step in to the bath or shower. The design takes centrestage with the reflective base almost an afterthought. This is one mirror you won't mind fogging up when you're bathing.

Oliver Bonas Bobbin Round Blue Wooden Mirror

Best for: understated style

Interiors crying out for a gentle quirk? Add character with Oliver Bonas’s round mirror bordered with spherical hand-turned bobbin detailing to give it an edge. Designed for wall hanging.

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